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Investing in CFD trading carries a significant risk to your investment.

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Our Solutions

Explore our tools to enhance your trading experience.

Group 164

Instant Crypto Deposits

Deposit seamlessly using cryptocurrency. No fees, no delays – just uninterrupted transactions.
Group 165

Same day withdrawals

Hyperion Markets offers limitless possibilities. Deposit trade, and withdraw with confidence, even with your EAs.
Group 166

Copy Trading

Let others copy your strategy and earn more per trade or diversify your portfolio with multiple traders to choose from.
Group 167

24/7 Client Support

Our dedicated support team is here to assist you round the clock. No matter the query, we’ve got you covered.
Group 160 (1)

Tighter Spreads

We’re all about giving you the best pricing. Enjoy spreads as slim as 0.1 pips to supercharge your gains.
Group 161 (1)

Invest and Grow

Secure external capital or invest in skilled traders right on our platform. Your journey, your decisions!
Group 162 (1)

Affiliate Rewards

You, and your affiliates, are in for a treat with our cutting-edge affiliate initiatives.
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Swift Execution

Experience lightning-fast execution with our performance-driven technology and low latency.
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Exclusive Resources

Access premium educational content, trading calculators, economic calendars, and more.

Account types

Are you a beginner or a professional? A scalper, a day trader? Whatever your needs, we have the right account for you.

SPT Standard

Ideal for novice traders, day traders, and swing traders seeking direct market access with low commissions.

One Way

US 0

Spreads from 1 pips

Min Deposit

$ 10


Crafted for seasoned traders in need of high liquidity and tight spreads.

One Way

US 5

Spreads from 0.4 pips

Min Deposit

$ 200

ECN Premium

Institutional-grade liquidity for professional traders and institutions requiring sharp conditions.

One Way

US 5

Spreads from 0.1 pips

Min Deposit


Demo Account

Practice with virtual funds under the same conditions as an ECN and Standard account but without risks.

Trade Multiple Assets

Earn more in every
trade with copytrading

For traders:

Build Your Track
Record and Attract

With Hyperion Markets not only can
you create an impressive
track record, but also attract
external investors to amplify your profits.

Showcase your skills.

Build your reputation.

Draw investors with your
proven results.

For investors:

Follow the experts
while Retaining
Control of Your Funds.

Looking to invest but lack experience? Look
no further! With Hyperion Market’s
technology, automatically replicate the
strategies of expert traders while retaining
full control of your Risk & funds.

Follow the best traders.

Diversify your portfolio.

Maximize your profits